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We carry many different forms of herbs depending on what you prefer. We offer Herbal Teas, Capsules, Essential oils, or extracts. All perfect depending on the person and their needs.

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Blend Of The Month

Adrenals are so important to our overall health. Our blend was created to help strengthen the adrenals when weakened by mental and physical stress. It may help with mental and physical energy during times of great stress. Helps with our cortisol levels, regulate metabolism, immune system and response to stress.

Herbal Tea
Ingredients: Rosehips, Eleuthero, Licorice, Astragalus, Bee Pollen, Lycii (Goji Berry), Sarsaparilla, Ginger Root, Ashwagandha, Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, Maca Powder, Orange Granules, Oat Straw & Oat Heads, Red Rooibos, Raspberry, Calendula, and Lemongrass.

Ingredients: Astragalus, Eleuthero, Oat Straw, Rosehips, Holy Basil, Ginger, Hawthorn, Licorice, Rhodiola, and Ginkgo in veggie caps.

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If you're interested in a natural alternative to traditional medicine, your search is over. We will help find everything you're looking for at Sister's Herbs.
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Extensive knowledge.

We would love to answer your questions. We want to educate you as the customer about what your taking and how your body is absorbing and utilizing that particular herb or product. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in what your taking and understand all the benefits available to your body.

Passion for helping others.

We care about helping each customer live the healthiest life possible.

Inviting atmosphere.

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Sip your way to improved health

Sip your way to improved health

Sister's Herbs offers healing teas that are effective for many health issues. Our friendly staff can help you choose the perfect blend to help you reach your optimal health. This can be achieved as easy as preparing and drinking a cup of herbal tea.

Go to our Specialty blends page and check out our extensive list of healing teas.

Genesis 1:29
"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat".